Developer Toolkit

These developer teams are for apps that will be developed and published as Clemson University. Please have your professor contact us if this is for a class- or research-related project. Personal projects require your own Apple Developer or Google Play account.

Development Startup

  1. Project owner submits agreement and basic app information to the Mobile Innovation Team via email. Our app development process is intended for publishing as Clemson University. Students and faculty, please talk to your professor or faculty advisor and have them initiate the app development process. Personal projects will require you to purchase your own developer account.
    1. Development team members with Clemson User IDs
    2. Devices UDIDs (for iOS developers)
    3. Name of App
    4. Support contact email and website for each app
  2. CCIT Mobile Innovation Team contacts project owner. Within 2-3 business days of a fully completed request, CCIT performs tasks listed in Responsibilities.


Before you submit your app, please remember that all apps published through our office must always reflect the high standards of Clemson University. In compliance with that goal, all apps must abide by Apple's review guidelines and Google's publishing guidelines as outlined in their developer resources. In addition to the guidelines required by Apple and Google, Clemson also requires the following:

Submit Your App

Once you're confident that your app has met all of the above requirements, you're ready to submit a development build of your app with the iOS Team Provisioning profile to our team. Email us for application upload procedures. From there, CCIT will:

  1. confirm with Creative Services that CU Branding and trademarks are correct.
  2. perform basic testing — simple functionality according to test plan supplied by the developer.
  3. submit with key and certificate to Apple and/or upload the release-ready APK to Google Play. Note: the Apple review process can take 10-14 business days.
  4. setup email reports and login to download reports for each new app with
  5. setup email reports and login for financial reports for paid apps in iTunes Connect

Note: The mobile app testing and QA process typically takes 2-3 business days, but could take longer due to complexity or emergencies.

Submission Checklist

iOS Requirements

  • Launch screen / home screen shot for iOS
  • A large version of your app icon that will be used on the App Store. It must be at least 72 DPI, in the RGB color space, and 1024 x 1024 pixels (it cannot be scaled up). The file type must be .jpeg, .jpg, or .png. It must be flat artwork without rounded corners and no alpha channel.
  • Up to 5 iPad Screenshots: must be .jpeg, .jpg, or .png file that is 1024x768, 1024x748, 768x1024, 768x1004, 2048x1536, 2048x1496, 1536x2048 or 1536x2008 pixels, at least 72 DPI, and in the RGB color space.
  • One or more keywords that describe the app you are adding. When users search the App Store, the terms they enter are matched with keywords to return more accurate results. Separate multiple keywords with commas. Keywords cannot be edited once your binary is in review and cannot be longer than 100 characters.
  • Apple App Store Description - iOS up to 4000 characters

Android Requirements

  • Android screenshots JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha). Min length for any side: 320px. Max length for any side: 3840px. At least 2 screenshots are required overall. Max 8 screenshots per type.
  • Android has phone, 7-inch tablet, and 10-inch tablet screenshot sizes
  • Android Feature Graphic Default - English (United States) - en-US 1024 w x 500 h JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)
  • Android Promo Graphic Default - English (United States) - en-US 180 w x 120 h JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)
  • App icon for Android 512x512 32-bit PNG with alpha
  • Launch screen for Android
  • Android promo text, up to 80 characters
  • Provide a Test plan for Android version of the app

App publishing To-Do list

  • The iOS and / or Android To-Do lists must be completed before the app can proceed to the publishing phase. All of these items (unless optional), must be completed before an app can be published.
  • Provide the email and phone number of the person in your organization who should be contacted if the App Review team has any questions or needs additional information.
  • Provide a single support contact email for the app
  • Provide a support URL (web site) for the app
  • (Optional) Provide a support phone number if desired
  • (Optional) Provide a marketing URL
  • Privacy Policy URL ( is default)
  • If the app requires login, provide test username, password, and make sure that the account has some information for Apple / Google to test in order to publish
  • Provide any required notes for publishing: Additional information about your app that can help during the review process. Include information that may be needed to test your app, such as app-specific settings.
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