Developer Toolkit

These developer teams are for apps that will be developed and published as Clemson University. Please have your professor contact us if this is for a class- or research-related project. Personal projects require your own Apple Developer or Google Play account.

Licensing Requirements

Depending on the type of app you're developing, there are different licensing and distribution requirements that need to be observed. When you're ready to distribute your app, refer to this section for some basic guidelines, and if applicable, details about the Apple licensing options.

Android and Web Apps

  • Students (or faculty and staff who develop apps independently of the university): follow the licensing and distribution requirements found on the site specific to your mobile device.
  • For university apps developed by faculty, staff, other employees and contractors, contact in CCIT for distribution information.


To develop for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (iOS) apps, you need Xcode. It is part of the Software Development Kit (SDK) from Apple, which includes a license that allows you to test in a simulator and deploy on an iOS device. Xcode is also available separately for download from the Mac App Store.

All marketing of iOS apps must comply with the App Store Marketing Guidelines.

  • Any student/staff/faculty-developed application can be distributed to the Clemson University community through our Enterprise license.
  • Any Clemson University owned application can also be distributed through Clemson University's Corporate license on the iTunes Store. This does not apply to student-owned applications.

Apple licensing options:

Standard — Personal

Registered Apple Developers receive access to the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK), including Xcode and the iPhone Simulator. To test a device or distribute your app via the iTunes Store, you must be registered with Apple as a developer and are required pay a $99 registration fee each year. If this is an app built by a member of Clemson University, then you may need to utilize the Corporate Agreement or Enterprise Agreement listed below.

For more information, visit the Apple iPhone Developer Program website.

Corporate Agreement (Standard) — CU

To distribute official Clemson University apps on the iTunes App Store, there is only one CU license of this type that is administered centrally by CU CCIT. University-owned apps are apps developed by university faculty, staff and other employees and contractors.

For more information, contact the Mobile Innovation Team in CCIT at or 864-656-3494.

Enterprise Agreement — CU

This license is for limited, internal distribution of free apps to current faculty, staff and students. Registration is open to current university faculty and staff developers and allows for testing on university-owned devices. Apps using the Enterprise License are reviewed by CU and are not available directly from the iTunes App Store.

For more information, contact the Mobile Innovation Team in CCIT at or 864-656-3494.

University Developer — CU

This license allows faculty and instructors to develop in class with up to 200 students per calendar year. Students and instructors can share apps for presentations and grading, but apps cannot be distributed through the iTunes App Store.

For more information, contact the Mobile Innovation Team in CCIT at or 864-656-3494.

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