Developer Toolkit

These developer teams are for apps that will be developed and published as Clemson University. Please have your professor contact us if this is for a class- or research-related project. Personal projects require your own Apple Developer or Google Play account.

Clemson App Requirements

  • Use Clemson ID to create Apple and Android IDs for Clemson development
  • Name development devices with UserID or project name for tracking purposes (iOS)
  • Initial submission and updates must go through CCIT Mobile Development Process
  • All contact with the Mobile Innovation Team should be through

Benefits to Developer

  • Published under Clemson University.
  • Branding and trademark verified.
  • Reporting provided to developer on number app downloads via iTunes
  • Ease of submission. We know the process and do it for you.
  • Team knowledgeable of mobile trends and updates.
  • Email reports of downloads and a login to view complete reports

Fee Structure

We charge a flat, $100 per hour fee for each hour of development, QA, or publishing time. Developing most apps requires at least one week of work to be completed. Please keep in mind that even a basic app will cost $3500 or more. Publishing an app for Clemson University requires a Test Plan, QA, and publishing time at the same $100 per hour rate. An app with lots of bugs will cost more to fix in QA and Testing. An app that has no bugs will still take at least 2 hours of time to test, QA, and publish.

What's next?

Be sure to check out the submission process as well as the licensing and distribution info before initiating the development process.

CCIT Responsibilities
in managing Apple account

  • Manage development team for all of Clemson University
  • Enroll developers and provision devices
    • Determine size of development team
    • Send each developer an invitation to join the team via Apple's portal
    • Add each developer's device to the portal
    • Developer certificate request for each developer
  • Onboarding of developer, setting up their coding environment and standard processes
    • Create App ID for each app to be developed
    • Create Subversion Repository for each app and tie developers to that repository
    • Create Distribution Provisioning profile for each app
    • Optional additional configuration for each app (Push Notifications, iCloud, PassKit, Data Protection)
    • Provide each developer with Clemson University's Distribution Certificate and password to build app for distribution in the Apple iTunes store
    • Training on how to build and install apps on device

Enterprise Apps

We also support publishing in-house apps not published in the App Store. We distribute these enterprise apps through our enterprise app center and set up access groups so that you can limit app distribution to your department.


If you have any questions about the development, licensing, or distribution processes, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can contact individuals below, or email the entire team at this address.

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